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Winnipeg Company Launches Self-Directed Investing Training Website


Canadian investors who may have lost significant portions of their retirement savings in recent economic challenges now have the option of self-directing their investment portfolio with the help of a new investment training website by Train2invest.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 22 July 2010. The stock market can often seem like an overwhelming and complicated place in the best conditions. Further still, with the recent economic collapse, many people are left with not only diminished retirement portfolios, but also fear about their financial futures. When banks and financial planners have little solution beyond “be patient and hope for the best,” many Canadians are looking for alternatives to help restore what they had.

To help support those looking to rebuild their investment portfolios, Train2Invest, a Winnipeg-based company, now aims to revolutionize the way people look at their retirement portfolios and the stock market in general. With their long regarded Self-Directed Stock Market Investment training course, the team at Train2Invest are now teaching ordinary people the key secrets behind making the most profitable investments... regardless of economic conditions.

With a growing flux of students all starting to take an avid interest in the stock market, the Internet has steadily becoming a resourceful tool which helps aid them in their study. Train2Invest have just recently launched a new design for their website (, geared towards assisting Canadians who are eager to learn more about self directed investment. One of the websites main advantages is that it has been specifically developed around assisting students on how to independently cultivate their own investments.

The benefits of self-directed investments (including Self-Directed RRSP’s & TFSA’s) included avoiding the high costs associated with a financial planner and provide the opportunity for a much higher rate of return for the Canadian investor.

The Train2Invest Stock Market Training Program offers all the information that the average Canadian requires to self directed their investment portfolio in any stock market, although it focuses on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE). With their new website, Train2Invest intends to provide all the information, in an apparent and readily accessible way, to help their students strategically compose a trading plan, as well as understand vital trading tools such as stock charting software and data feeds.

Train2Invest will come as a pleasant surprise to many who visit the site for the first time, as it welcomes all groups. Without using confusing industry terminology and ambiguous trading jargon, Train2Invest will teach investors everything that is required to not only make ongoing gainful investments, but to also make sure that any existing portfolios can be quickly optimised. The Train2Invest site is an innovative advancement over similar websites and its user-friendly interface allows browsers to navigate over topics with some ease, going through all the various sections simply and effectively.

There is also an e-book entitled Stock Market Investing: The Untold Story available to download on the website which includes chapters such as ‘How to educate ourselves about the stock market’ and ‘Self directed investment’. The book itself is presented in an informative and understandable format, with clear indications to the discussed topics and sub topics. The website was designed and constructed by the vine multimedia inc., a Winnipeg web-design and internet marketing company.

Nationwide Social Media Adventure Revolutionizing the Way People See Social Media


Nationwide Social Media Adventure Revolutionizing the Way People See Social Media

For many, the idea of a cross continent road trip makes us cringe, but that's not the case for Joseph Ranseth, a 30-year-old entrepreneur and social media 'evangelist'. He's out to disprove the notion that technology distances us as a culture, and he's traveling the distance to prove it. Joseph's doing something that's never been done before in the Social Media industry, he's taking his mission on the road! His project is based on a unique journey - a summer-long road trip - to achieve an up-close and personal case study on the impact of Social Media to transform our world.

Many have said that social media is changing the way that we do business... but they're wrong

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) July 9, 2009 -- For many, the idea of a cross continent road trip makes us cringe, but that's not the case for Joseph Ranseth, a 30-year-old entrepreneur and social media 'evangelist'. He's out to disprove the notion that technology distances us as a culture, and he's traveling the distance to prove it.

Joseph Ranseth, Social Media Evangelist
Joseph Ranseth, Social Media Evangelist

Just this past April 2009, Joseph set out on a road trip from Phoenix to Toronto. Using his cell phone to connect with 1,000's through Facebook & Twitter, Joseph encouraged his "friends" to connect with him along the way. He even went so far as to post his cell phone number to the two social media sites.

Through that simple outreach, Joseph was flooded with text messages from all over the world... forming connections on every continent! The response was so overwhelming - and so confirming of his conviction that social media has the power to transform our world - that he has set out on a North American Social Media Adventure. By holding events along the way and preaching his message of the power of Social Media, he hopes to show people how to transform their businesses as well as their personal relationships.

Watch for this social media 'evangelist' and his shiny yellow car as he hits a city near you! Cities currently on his itinerary are: Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Raleigh, NYC, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, and St. Louis.

"Many have said that social media is changing the way that we do business... but they're wrong," said Joseph in a recent interview. "Social media it is the expression of how our approach to business and relationships has evolved."

He goes on to preach, "Many have argued that technology distances us, but I am optimistic and extremely confident that the evolution of Web 2.0 is leading us toward creating genuine, authentic and in-person relationships. In fact, I know it." Joseph's mission is to open people's eyes to how they can use social media to transform their business & personal lives.

Joseph is chronicling his adventure online and encourages the world to join him on his journey, which can be discovered at The site, which will evolve as the trip progresses, will include daily blog and video posts, a map of Joseph's trip for fans to follow him, and a number of ways the world can participate in the adventure.

Joseph Ranseth is a pioneer in the Internet and social media marketing fields. He founded the vine multimedia inc, a highly successful New Media Marketing Agency based in Winnipeg, Canada, in 2003 and travels the globe training large and small groups on techniques to use social media effectively. He was most recently featured on CBS Backstage Live.

For more information on Joseph Ranseth visit For more information on the Social Media Adventure go to

Web Design & Internet Marketing Blog (Winnipeg)


Winnipeg Web Design Company, the vine multimedia inc, recently launched a new blog. The new blog is located at: and will feature content such as:
  • Web design tips
  • Tutorials & videos on internet marketing
  • Insights & Tips on how to get qualified leads to your business
Be sure to check in often as content is updated regularly!

Add a Technorati Avatar to Promote Your Website's Blog


I found this great tip on

Zen Bliss submitted the following reader quick tip (in fact this email from Zen Bliss inspired me to do this ‘reader quick tip series’):

Hi Darren. I read your site regularly - it’s a great resource for tips. Here’s one of my own, along the lines of getting more traffic to your blog.

It’s a very simple tip that will take mere seconds to implement, and can really benefit you in the long run. Ready for it? … upload an avatar to your Technorati Profile. Many, many site authors who ping Technorati do not have an avatar. When a Technorati reader is scanning through pages of blog headlines, the avatars are so few and far between that the blog posts that are accompanied by them really jump out at you.

PS from Darren: I think this is a good simple tip that I’ve found to work also. I know when I added an icon to my Technorati account that I noticed a jump in visitors from the site. Nice one Zen Bliss.

Go ahead, do the same for yourself and see the results!

Windows Vista - Losing Hard Drive Storage Space


Rapidly Losing Hard-Disk Space in Vista?

We recently had a problem with Windows Vista... the hard-drive was rapidly filling up. 30 Gigs of free space on the disk disappeared within a week. The drive was full, and windows was giving the 'low disk space' error messages. I deleted 10 gigs, which filled up again after only 2 days...the same error messages returned.

Here's the solution to freeing up disk space in Vista

Vista uses a large amount of disc space for system restore and for shadow copies. To limit the amount of disc space allocated to system restore and shadow copies, open a command window by right clicking and selecting "Run As Administrator". Copy and paste this line:

vssadmin resize shadowstorage /On=C: /For=C: /Maxsize=2GB

Press enter. This will limit the space used to 2 gb but you can set the maxsize value to any number although I wouldn't go any smaller than 2 gb. Doing this will not reclaim all of the additional used disc space as there other reasons for the disc space usage but in my case it freed up 37 Gigs of hard-drive space.

Manny Pacquiao Knocks out Ricky Hatton - Video Clip


Manny Pacquiao
Knocks out Ricky Hatton
(Video Clip)

Here is the video clip of Manny Pacquiao knocking out Ricky Hatton.

How To Display 'Pirate' English in Facebook


With the amusing new option to select 'Pirate' English as a facebook language option, we created this tutorial to show you how to implement this in your own profile and what some of the highlights are.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of page and click on the language link in the bottom left-hand corner.
  2. You will see the language selection window pop up, choose English (Pirate). [yes, it's still in beta... i think they haven't finalized the proper pirate term for "throw a sheep" yet]
  3. Click the 'Arrr!' button. (yea, 'Arrr' means 'okay' in pirate talk...)
  4. Enjoy your new pirate language facebook layout!
Pretty simple, but the changes that have been made will keep you amused for hours & hours.... at least they have for us! :)

Google Profile, have you got one yet?


Google profiles are now live and available to the public. This is a powerful service that can help increase your personal visibility on the internet.

Sign up for your profile here:

After signing-up, you can provide a variety of information about yourself, including:
  • Your picture
  • Your first and/or last name
  • Nickname
  • Where you grew up
  • Where you live
  • Where you work
  • Schools you’ve attended
  • A biography
  • Links to web sites you wish to list
  • Pictures from your Picasa, Flickr or other online photo albums
  • Contact information, which can be shared selectively with people
Any of this information can be optionally displayed. Google profiles will be a powerful and useful means for finding people and/or allowing yourself (and your selected information) to be found by those looking for you, and distinguished from anyone else who may share your name.

Social Media makes superstar out of someone who has never heard of youtube


Susan Boyle has made internet history... the irony is, she has never even heard of youtube!

The scottish singer appeared on "Britain's Got Talent" and amazed everyone with her hidden singing skills. In only one week since her audition was uploaded to youtube, she has gained 66.3 million views... far surpassing the election night speech from Barack Obama.

An article from the Washington Post describes the phenomenon beautifully:
One view at a time, Boyle's audience is proving that the social Web -- where users aren't just mere viewers but also distributers -- makes the digital world feel smaller and more connected. And her global popularity is a testament that the marriage between old media (her performance first aired on Britisn television) and new media (it then made its way to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) is broadening the reach of all media, from one channel to the next, one person at a time.
Again, this story is a powerful testament to what one person can accomplish with a powerful dream, and the leverage of an effective social media campaign.

CHeck out the video here:

Joseph Ranseth's Personal Blog


Joseph Ranseth, owner of the vine multimedia inc., the Winnipeg-based New Media Marketing Company, recently launched a personal blog. is full of inspirational videos, articles and insights with the purpose of inspiring everyone to live a rich, full life of meaning and contribution.

Some great posts on Joseph's blog include:

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